3/26/15 - Twitch Stream. Working on a Rigging toolkit in Maya!

So I started to work on a rigging toolkit in Maya with Python. Mostly due having a commercial version of that package and knowledge of its common library structure a lot more so I can build it up quick.

Also short spinet movie of the night and code from that night.

**> First I start with a initiation script for the tool cdd_BoneUp... I could not think of a good name for it**

import os


>>>>> cdd_BoneUpRoot = os.environ["CDD_BONEUP_ROOT"]


>>>>> print "CDD_BONEUP_ROOT Environment Var is not correct"


>>>>> import sys print cdd_BoneUpRoot path = cdd_BoneUpRoot + "/Modules"

    if not path in sys.path:

    import System.blueprint_UI as blueprint_UI

    UI = blueprint_UI.Blueprint_UI()

Square space Mark down function make showing the code odd. But I hope it gets the point across.

>This is the Toolkit window that will hold all the tools with custom fields and flags

import maya.cmds as cmds

class Blueprint_UI:

def __init__(self):
    # UI elements into a dictionary
    self.UIElements = {}

    if cmds.window("blueprint_UI_window", exists=True):

    windowWith = 600
    windowHeight = 600

    self.UIElements["window"] = cmds.window("blueprint_UI_window", width=windowWith, heighth=windowHeight, title="Blueprint Module UI" sizable=False)

    # Display Window