Yearly update. Lots of Game releases, keeping me busy.

Well that was a year that I kinda lost track of things, like this site. So after the game jam 2014 I was in the middle of a crunch for “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and the crunch has not really stop since its release and being moved onto to an already finalizing “The Evil Within”.

On top of this I was planning my brothers bachelor party event that simply was a skydiving tandem event. So we got to jump out of plane to celebrate! It was so fun I decided to do the HALO tandem jump the dropzone provided a month later. I would love to pursue a AFF class to earn a parachuting licence, but its definitely an investment of a hobby. So that is on hold for now.

I competed in this years Global Game Jam and I chose the Magfest location. The team I was on (after the first two teams I joined dissolved) used Unity and I was one of their 3D artist. I modeled in Maya, UV mapped in 3D coat (just based on being able to UV map quickly) and texture painted in Mari (again for speed). The whole festivities of Magfest being a major distraction made this event rather lackluster in my heart so Ill just say I did what I needed to do and took it as a learning lesson.

My game jam team:

Currently I am still on “The Evil Within” and its DLC cycle of publication so this has been keeping me fairly busy. I am also streaming my creative works on twitch’s newly form creative channel. My Twitter is hooked up to announce when I stream, since that the best use I can think of for my twitter account.

My twitch channel:

Those are the big points of my life I like to share since GGJ 14. Lets see if I can make more use of this blog to post my twitch WIP reports or something along those lines.

Thanks for reading!